Mission Statement

The Wandering Ranger is a representation of two things.

The Ranger:

Which is an amalgamation of all the things people should strive to be. Stewards of nature, wise and cautious with their dealings, and brave to face new challenges. It is a ranger who knows their limits and yet is willing to test them. They tend to be a fantasy based class and occupation that has consistent occurrence in games and literature. In Dungeons and Dragons the ranger class are a wisdom and agility based class that rely on their sight and hearing to help guide the party. Perhaps the most noted ranger in all of literature is Strider from Lord of the Rings. In this way the ranger for me is a direct reference to Aragorn aka the ranger Strider from J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece LOTR. which you can learn more about him by clicking www.theWanderingRanger.com/Strider

The Wandering:

The Wandering: To wander is to move or meander without a direct purpose. With no real place to call home for the rangers of the north in Tolkien’s LOTR wandered the northern forests and plains of the west. They helped those who came to be in their path and were always willing to fight any creature but without a sense of nation these “last great men of the west” moved around a lot. It says something about the soul of a person when the values, the culture, and the institutions they once held are gone. While there is something awe inspiring that comes from wandering i.e. There is a real hope that all those who wander will find their place. Though at times it is needed. It is with this that I provide you the Wilds. The last vestige of the world as it once was and yet could be. A wild lands of imagination and yet a place for deep reflective thinking of the essential wisdom found both in the beauty of living in balance with nature and the heart and mind which were made to wonder greatly about our creator.

The goal of this website and the media produced by The Wandering Ranger is done with the express desire to entertain and edify those who seek deeper rooted stories and truthful themes. While certain political and theological positions are expressed it is done with the express desire of education. The main focus is well written interactive stories, games and informative videos.