I will always stand by these core values.

  1. To always be fair and honest with everyone only allowing their words and actions to speak for them rather than judging their hearts.
  2. To be prudent in all manners keeping in mind I do not always have the full facts but also never abandoning my intuition .
  3. To be sober with both enthusiasm and fear striving to never let my emotions dictate what is true or real.
  4. To engage my audience and community with love and respect regardless of our differences but also never surrounding my firm values and foundations.
  5. To allow honest and open dialogue even from those who provide honest and constructive criticism.
  6. To never engage in complete frivolity for the sake of views, money or attention.
  7. To strive to improve on what can be worked on and to never surrender what should never be changed or lost.
  8. To be mindful of my platform and whatever influence it may wield.
  9. To seek the truth in all things and put aside false ideas when it becomes clear they such.
  10. To inform, edify, promote, build and better those around me.

Lessons From Middle-Earth Set to Premiere on Saturday.

The podcast Lessons from Middle-Earth is set to make its return on Saturday January 4th, 2020. A part of the new line up on the Dlive exclusive stream Saturday Night On Dlive with The Wandering Ranger. The podcast will be made available after the live stream on Youtube and possibly other platforms. Save this post and it will be updated with the information for that. At 6pm MST the Ranger will go live to on Dlive and during the stream will play the now 30 minute version of the podcast. You can watch old episodes of the podcast by clicking here.

In the long break I have taken a lot of time to think about the future of the podcast. The return of Season two of The Podcast will be a very personal episode dealing with the reality of death. The new season of Lessons from Middle-Earth set to premiere will come back into 2020 with a bang.

5 Things I Learned From Twitter in 2019

5. That Conservative Inc. is a real thing.

Whether it be Charlie Kirk and TPUSA or Ben Shaprio. There is a movement parading around like they are conservative. It should be noted that worst culprits of this are NeverTrumpers who have also now changed their tune on Trump. Either way this group is a danger and God Bless Nick Fuentes and the Groypers.

4. The Fandom Menace is winning!

There is no denying the impact Jeremy ( @DDayCobra ) of Geeks and Gamers has had on Star Wars and the culture of geekdom on Youtube/Twitter. This tweet just goes to show everything Jeremy has done. Whether you like it or not since 2017 he has been a wrecking ball. Not to mention others in the real Resistance (Doomcock, Odin & Nerdrotic)

3. Ben Shaprio is a coward.

Despite how the established media and Conservative Inc has tried to spin this encounter this just goes to show how much of a coward he is. I get it looks bad on the surface but Ben’s utter avoidance of Nick Fuentes just goes to show that Ben is more concerned with money and optics. He even used his own kid as a human shield.

2. That Porn and Coomers are a problem.

Image result for coomer memes"

The reality is that the coomer and porn conversation happening on Twitter is more than an issue of Free Speech it is an issue of understanding that some confuse not being an SJW or libertarian Free Speech advocate as being conservative. I get that we can never truly get rid of the porn but to avoid how much of a pass we give it just because of muh speech is a joke. Lets advocate protecting children something hopefully we all can agree on.

And the biggest #1 Thing!

1. That People Do Not Know what Impeachment Means.

Image result for trump"

The reality is this I could upload a thousand equally stupid tweets about how people think that impeachment means that Trump is actually gone. It is sad but true of the Trump Era that people are easily and emotionally duped by the frauds in the media and sham hearings to think this will actually equate in him leaving or not being re-elected. The truth is that twitter seems to be full of grown children who never got educated on the realities of civics or life.