I will always stand by these core values.

  1. To always be fair and honest with everyone only allowing their words and actions to speak for them rather than judging their hearts.
  2. To be prudent in all manners keeping in mind I do not always have the full facts but also never abandoning my intuition .
  3. To be sober with both enthusiasm and fear striving to never let my emotions dictate what is true or real.
  4. To engage my audience and community with love and respect regardless of our differences but also never surrounding my firm values and foundations.
  5. To allow honest and open dialogue even from those who provide honest and constructive criticism.
  6. To never engage in complete frivolity for the sake of views, money or attention.
  7. To strive to improve on what can be worked on and to never surrender what should never be changed or lost.
  8. To be mindful of my platform and whatever influence it may wield.
  9. To seek the truth in all things and put aside false ideas when it becomes clear they such.
  10. To inform, edify, promote, build and better those around me.

Saturday Night on Dlive Set To Premiere

The new Dlive Stream will be the most ambitious one of mine yet.

Since August I have been streaming pretty much exclusively on Dlive.TV/The_Wandering_Ranger. While it has been for the most part of and on, going forward in 2020 I will be doing a new stream.

In the past I have done one type of stream or the other but going forward in 2020 starting with the first Saturday in January I will be doing on 4-5 hour long epic stream. The New Dlive Stream will be most ambitious one yet. It will combine both live and prerecorded segments. It will have a variety of things including gaming, podcasts and other great content. Look for it Jan. 6th.