Welcome Ye Wandering Rangers

“Not all those who wander are lost ” 

— J.R.R Tolkien

Welcome everyone to my new site. I plan on making material available in the coming weeks. The blog and my streams are for those who seek something lost in today’s world…THE LOVE OF TELLING STORIES THAT REALLY MATTER! Storytelling these days is more about the wonder instead of the deep roots that allow to wander. There is freedom here in the wilds of the internet. Welcome ye wandering souls those these be dark times the fire is hot and the ale strong. Smoke your pipe and think back to another time.

Taking some time to reconnect with God, my family and friends and refresh.

Thanks to all who made my first 24 hour stream on Dlive a small success. As a result of all the work I have done in the past month and the huge amount of time I have put into growing and creating my platform I am in need of a break. After getting some good rest this morning I am ready to put some much needed time back with my God and my wife. So I will be taking a hiatus from the internet, social media and my media content. I will return on September 2nd with a brand new episode of Lessons from Middle-earth on Youtube. Also look for new videos to hit as well. Please click on the link to check out previous episodes. I also will have the new schedule of shows set. Right now it looks like it will be the following for my content.


7pm MST- Lessons From Middle-earth Podcast streamed live on Dlive, Mixer & Twitch with the video uploaded to Youtube shortly after.


9am MST – On The Trail with Ranger either streamed IRL or clips of my nature walks shared in the studio.

2pm- 5pm – RPG 101 A show dedicated to giving tips on doing character builds on games like Divinity Original Sin 2 or on Table Top Games like Dungeons and Dragons.

7pm-10pm MST Gaming with Friends a stream of playing either Divinity, Gauntlet or Civ 6.


7pm-9pm MST – Skyrim Tales an interactive role-playing experience using Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.


7pm-9pm MST – Tales From The Tavern a unique and creative storytelling stream from The mind of the Wandering Ranger.

August 2019 Newsletter…. I have been busy

First and foremost I apologize for my slacking on the blog. I have been working on the overall site.

It has been a busy month since I first launched the website. Not only have I been focused on completing the site but also finalizing the style of it. I am at a place where I really like it now. So I apologize for lagging in the blog. I am going to be blogging more regular now. I have also been focused on streaming and creating my Youtube videos. Look forward to certain videos being parred with posts on my blog.

Streaming Schedule

I have updated my streaming schedule. Take a look at the new schedule. To find links to all the platforms I stream on click here.

My very first video essay is now available at my Youtube page.