My name is John and I am The Wandering Ranger.

My passion since about the time of my adolescence has been about fantasy fiction. In particular the work of J.R.R. Tolkien (CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT HIM). While I loved the adventures of Frodo and the Fellowship I found the complex and deeper themes of Tolkien’s work more a driving force of influence. As I became more interested in deeper topics like philosophy and theology, Tolkien’s work along with that of C.S Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, and George MacDonald began to interweave systematic views on theology, culture, philosophy, nature and myth. All of these men understood the fundamental truths of fairy tales and each in their own right had an influence in shaping it. It bases on these ideals I began to take greater interest in telling stories and expressing the greater themes of them.

Now as a grown man who has been through many trials and somehow come through it better I find the universal truths of Tolkien’s mythos essential to understanding our world. My avatar The Wandering Ranger is influenced by The Dunedain Ranger Strider. The life of these rangers is one of solutide. The old ways of their culture all but gone they wander the wilds.

I was born and raised in Colorado and continue to live their now with my wife Brenda and our two cats Simon and Strider. My social media bio explains it all.