Poem: Real For Fake Sake

The Fakest Thing I have ever seen
is a person claiming to be a real king.
The truth is nothing more than a show prop
All given for the sake of pomp.

What foulest sin did I trespass with?
Surely nothing more then shouting out the pith.
For nothing more saddens my heart
then to see the passing of this part.
For my struggles true they be
Did now surly offend thee.

Be what it may this path now tread.
A solemn resolution sadly lead.
For I now see that what might have been
had stopped at only skin.

I desired real but I got fake
nothing now more left at stake.
This last word I now speak
is something you might think Greek.

Sadly said what was thought to be real
instead is nothing else but drear.
I now know how fake this cause
even sadder still to ponder what was.

I take no joy in this separation
simply because of this situation.
I more sad then ever was mad but yet
I know it was just a cruel bet.

For the real was just for the sake of fake
despite who truly is to blame for this mistake.
So I offer you this last bit of advice.
Seek out my wisdom and avoid our demise.

For the water that runs in streams
is nothing more than cruel dreams.
That illusion of reality is just a business
and for the sourest fruit you can participate
in the loudest of those who pontificate.

Posted in: My Writings, Poems

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