Blog Post# 1- Looking Back

“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it.”

― Rick Warren

It is not often I think highly of a Rick Warren quote but on this particular day it seems to fit. Much of the past two weeks for me has been getting set up for the future. So much promise and ambition for where I want to guide my website and my stream. I note that in order to have any real progress I have to look back at my past. Learn from both the mistakes I made and examine those who I have also seen both succeed and failed. Progress is not achievable for those blind to the past. It also is beyond anyone dead set on thinking only for the future. Being present means knowing the past and hoping for the future. Knowing that our actions now represent the past and the future.

I take from this that while I should examine what I have learned from looking back I must also look forward. I do want my enthusiasm for the future being drowned out from impact of the past. I want to be clear on what the past says about the present and the future. So for me I reviewing old podcasts and thinking on my old streams. Knowing that the benefit of looking back is that I can return to the now and change the future.

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