Taking some time to reconnect with God, my family and friends and refresh.

Thanks to all who made my first 24 hour stream on Dlive a small success. As a result of all the work I have done in the past month and the huge amount of time I have put into growing and creating my platform I am in need of a break. After getting some good rest this morning I am ready to put some much needed time back with my God and my wife. So I will be taking a hiatus from the internet, social media and my media content. I will return on September 2nd with a brand new episode of Lessons from Middle-earth on Youtube. Also look for new videos to hit as well. Please click on the link to check out previous episodes. I also will have the new schedule of shows set. Right now it looks like it will be the following for my content.


7pm MST- Lessons From Middle-earth Podcast streamed live on Dlive, Mixer & Twitch with the video uploaded to Youtube shortly after.


9am MST – On The Trail with Ranger either streamed IRL or clips of my nature walks shared in the studio.

2pm- 5pm – RPG 101 A show dedicated to giving tips on doing character builds on games like Divinity Original Sin 2 or on Table Top Games like Dungeons and Dragons.

7pm-10pm MST Gaming with Friends a stream of playing either Divinity, Gauntlet or Civ 6.


7pm-9pm MST – Skyrim Tales an interactive role-playing experience using Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.


7pm-9pm MST – Tales From The Tavern a unique and creative storytelling stream from The mind of the Wandering Ranger.

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